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New from Oz.
Posted by David S

Agawam Speedway
Posted by thumpa

Hello from High River, Alberta
Posted by David S

The $40 each shipped sale
Posted by mab0707

What type cars is most preferred?
Posted by jimtone

TLOR 2013 Status Report
Posted by retro racer 44

Does Size Matter (to you)?
Posted by Slotbob

Carrera digital lap counter for HO (video how to)
Posted by woodcote

Is this real or fake???
Posted by carlosinseattle

2014 Car # Preferences
Posted by urbanwarrior

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Latest News & Articles

February 8, 2014

Racing the New BRM & Scaleauto Cars at The Slot Connection in Nurnberg Germany.

The Annual Scaleracing/Slot Connection Event, Nurnberg Germany.

Each year†while Toy Fair is going on at the end of January Scaleracing & Slot Connection host races for Racers to experience the latest cars. BRM and Scaleauto supported the Event this year. Races were held for the new 1:32 scale Scaleauto Pantera and the 1:24 scale BRM Group C Cars featuring the latest Angle Winder chassis.

BRM Grid for the Slot Connection race.

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November 23, 2013

Coming soon from BRM

Latest News from BRM, the Sauber Mercedes C9.

Here are some photo's of the next New release from BRM the 1:24th scale Sauber Mercedes C9.

The car shown is a pre production model, sent to SCI by BRM for testing.

BRM Sauber Mercedes C9

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January 29, 2014

Auto World X-traction Release 14 - Mopar Muscle Magazine - Review

Auto World X-traction Release 14 - Mopar Muscle Magazine - Review

Discuss the article here†

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December 7, 2005

Magnet Marshal by TechTechracing

Magnet Marshal by TechTechracing slot car reviewEver since Fly released their first Viperís here in the USA the problem of magnetic grip has been one of the most frustrating issues when people gather to race 1/32 Slot Cars. Although Fly certainly did not invent Magna Traction or magnetic grip, they applied it to a range of cars that inspired a lot of people to get involved with this great Hobby. This also created a serious problem, magnetic grip or balance created much faster, and easier to drive cars. Read More

January 28, 2014

Auto World Xtraction Release 13 - Silver Screen Machines 2 - Review

Auto World Xtraction Release 13 - Silver Screen Machines 2†

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January 16, 2014

AFX New Car Releases - Fall/Winter 2013

AFX New Car Releases - Fall/Winter 2013



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January 2, 2014

AFX Ford vs Chevrolet Stocker Challenge Race Set Review

AFX Ford vs Chevrolet Stocker Challenge Race Set Review


Box Art

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December 31, 2013

AFX '69 Shootout Race Set Review

AFX '69 Shootout Race Set Review
Cover Art
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Round 2 Shelmore Park Tasmania
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Ferrari Transporter... Has anyone tried on the track?
Posted by Oscar Racing

Carrera hardcover book!
Posted by slotcardan

SCITCC - Year Three - Round 8
Posted by Jerry LaGesse

Slot-It GT'S Results and Standings Rounds 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Posted by MrFlippant

Posted by Porsche Racer

SCI Track Directory

We are looking for your favorite tracks to be included in SCI's Track Directory!!! All fifty states are listed alphabetically and of course Canada is included as well. Although SCI's focus is mainly North America We would like for you to add your favorite race tracks to our list no matter where it is. If you don't see a place to add your track scroll to the bottom, start a new thread and we will add a section for it.

This Directory is for Commercial Raceways, Stores with Tracks, Club tracks and also Private tracks looking for Racers.