NINCO Renault Clio Super 1600
"Rally Ypres"

By Dave Kennedy

Ninco's latest release is the Super 1600 Clio Ypres Rally it's time to race this one, on asphalt, snow, off road,'s a rally car it can take it!


The Belgian Ypres Westhoeck Rally 2005 saw an impressive field of cars entered as well as this little gem, the Renault Clio Super 1600, was one of nine Clio's entered in that rally. Kris Princen drove this one, he wasn't the favorite in the race but he managed a win over a field of Impreza's, Fiat Punto's, Citroen C2's, and Mitsubishi Lancer's.



Two issues present themselves with the details on this car, the first is the side mirrors are too large...but this is something that is very minor. The second is the Belgian flags should be with each of the driverís names on the rear side window glass, but these details would be lost on all but the most hardcore of Rally fans. From all the source photos I've found Ninco hit the nail on the head with the details on this car. The wheels are correct; the rear wing design is accurate.


The body is molded in yellow plastic with light blue painted on top to reproduce the Elf livery. The overall effect is quite pleasing but the yellow areas on the car to look a bit too translucent, personally I think Ninco would have been further ahead to mold the body in yellow and then paint over it with a base of yellow, then add the blue panels.

In the spirit of the real rally car that inspired it, this car will round the track with it's tail out easily. The NC5 Speeder provides the power and 19x10 rear, ribbed tires provide the stick 'em for the blue and yellow "Elf" Renault. And one of those tires is placed in the rear of the car as a spare tire.



The car comes with the Proshock suspension red shocks in place. I have the standard Ninco asphalt track, which is very smooth so I can't see the suspension working on my track. There is a great deal of wheel travel, but even with all that spring compression the wheels still don't hit the inside of the fenders. I do have some reservations about the Proshock system. When you spin the front axle, it doesn't spin as easily as non-Proshock cars. Personally I feel the shocks bind the axle just enough to prevent them from spinning as easily as they should.



The usual button magnet is in place just ahead of the motor. It's strong but not so strong that it holds the car on the track when the track's turned upside down. If you remove the magnet and take the blue and yellow car around the asphalt Ninco track, the car does hop a bit under full throttle. With that in mind I'd leave the magnet in place and enjoy all the benefits of the downforce it provides.


So what's the verdict? If you're into rally cars this would be a great addition to your collection. It's fast, smooth, nicely detailed, and has all the details to satisfy slot car fan in all of us.


Thanks to Bob from MRC for sending this car to me.


Dave Kennedy
SCI Photographer
([email protected])

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