NINCO Mitsubishi EVO Dakar 2006
By Dave Kennedy

The newest Pajero from Ninco is the Repsol livery of the 2006 Dakar rally truck. This is my first experience driving a rally RAID truck from Ninco, I was apprehensive at first that such a seemingly top heavy truck would be able to handle high speed turns on my Ninco track, much less my wood track without tumbling off, I was pleasantly surprised.


I was able to turn consistent laps with the truck without the expected dramatic crash. The truck was stable and controlable, even to the point that I was able to slide around the turns, drop the outside wheel off the track, and the other wheel would still bite enough to right the truck before it would flip out of the slot...all thanks to the drop arm guide.

The livery that Ninco have chosen to replicate on this truck is a complicated one. Many colors, many small logos and in places on the body there are some gaps in the tampo printing on the rear deck, but this is not typical of the rest of the finish. The body is underpainted with red, which on the front of the body is orange peeled slightly. I don't want to overstate the finish problems the truck has, as the livery is striking and is a well done reproduction of the truck.


The drop arm guide set up is much better suited to magnet racing than to my wood track out-of-the-box. There is a small spring that pushes the guide down onto the track, on the Ninco track, the magnet holds the whole truck tightly down on the track, on the wood track however, the spring doesn't hold the guide down hard enough. If this was my slotcar I'd put a small block of lead on the guide arm to hold it down firmly. The all wheel drive on the truck is driven by NC-7 (19,300 rpm) and the pulley system that Ninco uses on it's rally style cars. The red rubber band drives the front axle and the "hard" yellow springs are at the corners to add some shock absorbing action.


Under full throttle the truck does exhibit some hop that many of the Proshock cars have, but it's controllable if you apply moderate throttle at first, then full throttle. This car won't win any races against a LeMans type car, but then that's ok since after all it's an off road vehicle that should be drive hard over rocky terrain. While I did test it on my tracks, both plastic and wood, the Pajero probably more at home being driven on the Ninco off road terrain track.

The following excerpt is from Mitsubishi Motors.

"Mitsubishi Motors made history today when its Pajero / Montero Evolution crew Luc Alphand/Gilles Picard (#302) won the Dakar Rally, claiming a record-breaking 11th overall victory and sixth consecutive win for the Japanese manufacturer on this legendary rally. Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart team-mates Joan íNanií Roma and Henri Magne (#304) also finished on the podium, in third position."

Mitsubishi Pajero / Montero Evolution MPR12 2006 Model
(T1 Modified Cross-Country Cars)

Overall Length

4222 mm

Overall Width

1978 mm


2775 mm

Front Track

1750 mm

Rear Track

1755 mm

Engine Model

Based on Mivec, 6-cylinder, 24-Valve, DOHC, fixed inlet port, dry-sump oil system

Fuel System

ECI multi-point fuel injection


3997 cc

Maximum Ouptput

270 PS / 5500 rpm and 42 kg/m torque @ 3500 rpm


6-speed Ricardo-type, sequential shift gearbox and mechanical gear selection

4WD System

full time, mechanical center diff lock

Front differential

Xtrac self-locking differential

Rear Differential

Xtrac self-locking differential

Front Suspension

Independent, double wishbones, coil spring

Rear Suspension

Independent, double wishbones, coil spring

Suspension (Dampers)

2 shocks per wheel, fully-adjustable damping and anti-roll bar system


Power-assisted rack and pinion

Wheel Stroke

250 mm front and rear


Front and rear: Ventilated Brembo discs with 6-piston Brembo calipers


Aluminium 7x16


BF Goodrich 235/85 - 16

Minimum Weight

1825 kg


Aeronautic steel multi-tubular frame, Honeycomb body floor and carbon fiber body

Fuel Tank Capacity

500 litres (competition range around 800 kms - 400 kgs extra weight with full tank)

* information provided by Mitsubishi Motors



Dave Kennedy
SCI Photographer

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