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Auto World Petty vs Baker Race Set

Published: December 17, 2014

Auto World Petty vs Baker Race Set


AFX Ford vs Chevrolet Stocker Challenge Race Set Review

Published: January 2, 2014

AFX Ford vs Chevrolet Stocker Challenge Race Set Review


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AFX '69 Shootout Race Set Review

Published: January 1, 2014
AFX '69 Shootout Race Set Review
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Autoworld Bowtie Raceway.

Published: November 7, 2011

Auto World


Chevrolet 100th Anniversary Set

Autoworld Slot Car Set

Chevrolet was founded by Louis Chevrolet and ousted GM founder William C. Durant on November 3, 1911. General Motors acquired Chevrolet seven years later in 1918 to compete directly with Ford. 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of this historic name in the automotive industry and Auto World is releasing a commemorative set celebrating the Chevy centennial. So let’s check out the details as Auto World starts up their own run at 100 years.

AFX Giant Raceway Set

Published: February 27, 2009
AFX Giant Raceway SetOkay, so I have to ask, What’s better than getting an AFX race set? A BIG, well GIANT race set! And AFX meets that idea head-on with an absolutely huge race set. Sixty-two and half feet of pulse pounding, racing excitement and it can all fit into a 4 foot by 8 foot space! And this set has everything to make racing and exciting event. It has a squeeze track, cross-overs and even a 12 inch radius bank turn so you don’t have to slow down too much coming off the main straight. Match that with two classic, reliable Super G-Plus open wheel racers and you are ready for a throw down in your living room!

Three Experienced Slot Car Racers Test Digital Systems

Published: January 23, 2009
Three Experienced Slot Car Racers Test Digital SystemsWhile looking around at iHobby 2008 in Chicago, Kevin Kosir, Roberto Smaldone and I had an idea. None of us had much, if any, experience with digital slot car systems and with all the main manufacturers there; Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric and SCX, there was no better time to test them head to head. I have been a model railroader as well as a slot car racer for as long as I can remember and have used model train digital systems for many years.

Life-Like Racing’s Winners Cup HO Slot Car Set

Published: November 27, 2008
Life-Like Racing’s Winners Cup HO Slot Car SetGreetings all, I’ll be taking a look at one of Life-Like Racings current releases, the Winner’s Cup HO Slot Car set featuring the NASCAR COT. This set features the #17 DeWalt Ford Fusion vs. the #11 FedEx Toyota Camry. You could also look at it as Matt Kenseth vs. Denny Hamlin or perhaps Roush Fenway Racing vs. Joe Gibbs Racing.

Life-Like Freeway Showdown HO Race Set

Published: November 25, 2008
Life Like Freeway Showdown setHo-Ho-Ho...or is that H-O, H-O, H-O???? Life-Like sure thinks so and has introduced the Freeway Showdown to help the Happy Elves up North this holiday season. This twisty-turny track is 38 foot of fast paced action and will have kids and hobbyists on their toes! You will have to watch your competition closely as you navigate around a squeeze track, wiggles and an intersection!

Mattel HO Speed Racer Set

Published: May 16, 2008
Mattel Speed Racer Set“Here he comes, Here comes Speed Racer, He’s a demon on wheels”.... Yes, you actually will catch yourself playing the theme song in your head when you get the cars going in this set! The Summer blockbusters are here, along with all the merchandise to buy, right along with them. You can’t escape Speed Racer marketing, from cereal boxes, to clothes, to toys and even to slot car sets.

SCX Pit Box Digital System

Published: February 1, 2006

SCX Pit Box Digital SystemThe advent of digital slot car racing has been the hottest new trend, introducing a new technology. While each of the major manufacturers of 1/32 scale slot cars has offered their own approach, SCX has taken their version to the next level.

A step so bold is not only showing an aggressive commitment, but potentially a huge risk on their part as well.