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News from the UK Slotcar Festival

Published: May 19, 2018 | Views: 2477
So what was all the fuss in England last weekend.
Not Chelsea beating Manchester United, not even the Royal Wedding.

For our Roving Reporter this was the most important thing happening in the UK last weekend.

Mainly due to Slot.it, Policar and Scalextric showing their latest releases, and product to come.

So what was there to see.

Biggest news is something we have been waiting for from Policar.

Policar Set

Great news to see a quality Manufacturer getting into the Set / Track market.

So what else was on view from Policar?

Looks like the Ferrari is coming along.

Policar Ferrari prototype

Also this Generic F1 car also from Policar.

Generic F1 from Policar

Then we found the Mercedes DTM for Slot.it, their DTM series is certainly expanding nicely.

Mercedes DTM from Slot.it

Anyone want a Maserati :)

Slot.it Maserati

Or the new Policar Toyota and Subaru.

Toyota and Subaru from Policar

Is that a IOM Police car ?


A TT ACK Rally? On the IOM I am guessing.

Policar Track, cars and Sets

Another shot showing the Track in the background.

Another coming soon car from the Policar F 1 range was shown.

Lucky Strike F1 Policar Slotcar

A few more images of the DTM cars from Slot.it.

Slot.it DTM cars

Coming soon Mercedes DTM

Opel DTM

To close out on the Slot.it Booth we have to show a Group C Car and what a feeling we get from this release.

Toyota Group C coming soon from Slot.it

Of course when you are in England to have to have Fish and Chips and no Slot Car Show would be complete without.

Scalextric Booth

Scalextric Booth

Sixty One years young and going strong. Scalextric showed a wide range of cars. From American Stock Cars to McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans entries a good looking line up from the Home Market  main brand, in England they call the game "Scalextric" even if you are racing Slot.it cars.

Good to see a wide range from one of the oldest Brands in the marketplace.

This car should get everyone excited what can be said about a car in Red, White and Blue.

Ford GT

McLaren F1 GTR great to see these from Scalextric.

McLaren F1GTR

Classic Le Mans cars, Ferrari no less and of course to remind them a Ford GT40.

Ferrari and Ford, say no more.

A few more Fords to keep the Brits happy on this Royal Day!!

Ford GT40 Mark I

This is a Mark IV and a Jaguar Baby, Yeah they did.

Ford and Jaguar, yeah baby!!

Mamma Mia there they go again.

Mercedes GT 3

These could plow up any field, but they sure ain't tractors.

Lambos at large

From the Colonies?


Saving the best for last STOCK car racing from America, no Wranglers here nor a Good Wrench but WAY COOL!!!!

Monte Carlo

This one should chew up the competition.

Kool Chevy

There should be a frog with a really long tongue with this car, but does it make my butt wider?

Butt Wider Monte Carlo

After that to close the show our Roving Reporter rallied to the occasion and....

Lancia Rally Cars

headed straight for the airport in a hurry F1 style..

Jenson Button the Racing Reporter

JB signing off, Cheerio.