Building the Scaleauto 1/24th BMW Z4 White Kit SC - 7031
Published: April 24, 2013

Building theScaleauto 1/24 BMW Z4 White kit SC - 7031




Here we have the familiar Scaleauto white kit packaging. Those of you that have read my previous build threads will know I like this type of packaging for cars I am going to race.



Inside the package are the familiar packets of parts, some are ziplock and some are self adhesive. Makes it easy to store small parts and seperate them into seperate tasks - interior, exterior and chassis(wheel inserts)


These photo etched parts are very detailed, but delicate. I would recommend removing them with snips or scissors, trying to twist them out could damage or deform them.


Most of the bigger interior and exterior parts are all in one bag. Be careful opening the bags as there are small detail parts that can go missing very easily.


Smaller detail parts.


Those familiar with the Scaleauto 1/24th chassis will notice that the machined "nuts" and plastic washers holding the H plate in place are new for this model. The pinion and gear are the same plastic as in the AUDI R8 LMS GT3.


The quality of the screws/bolts appears to be superior but will only be able to say for sure once I set the chassis up. This kit arrived with the guide holder mounted to the bottom of the chassis not the top as it was on the AUDI.


Here we have all the parts laid out for the assembly of the body. You will notice there are 2 rear wing mounts, I thought it was a mistake but noticed when watching the Long Beach ALMS race, that there are different rear wing mounts depending on where the Z4 is raced.


Rear wing mounts.


This picture shows the position for the different parts. There are 3 photo-etched parts for the bonnet/hood, however there are only to positions for them to go in. The photo-etched grill should be put in place before the plastic part is placed behind it. The winglets on the front corners do not have any visible mounting holes, they are there but have to be opened. I will show this in part 2.


The BMW is unique in that the brake cooling ducts built into the mounting braces. Would appear I missed a photo of the left hand side which has a vent/duct in the area that has the filler cap on the right.


Here is the rear view. Again I have tried to highlight where the different parts go. You can see there are no visible mounting points for the rear wings, these will have to be opened up once you decide which wing you want to use. I think I will build this model using the ALMS type mount as it should be more durable in racing. Now in Scaleracing will the wing have to be livery appropriate?


The rear grill is very intricate and will prove to be very fiddly to install. I think the best way is to in stall it in the body first then attach the valence. I will play with it a bit more and update if there is an easier way to install it. You can also see the different mounting points for the 2 types of rear wings.



Here you can see the interior view of the mounting holes for the front winglets.


The interior is pretty straight forward and similar to all the other 1/24 Scaleauto kits, the part that caught me out is the fuel pipe that will line up with the filler cap on the outside.


As far as the chassis is concerned all you need to do is paint the brake detail and wheel inserts, set it up and you're good to go.

I will add more about the assembly once I have painted the body, problem is I'm not sure what livery to do yet?

The BMW Z4 is smaller than the M3 and the Audi R8 in body size as well as wheel base. When I get a chance I will have to compare it to the Porsche offerings from Scaleauto.





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