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Old 12-19-2002, 03:23 AM
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Default Scalextric Sport layout numbers and upgrades

Scalextric Sport sets have two series of layouts with similar identification numbers:

Scalextric USA has three "USA exclusive" Scalextric Sport layouts:

T1 Indy set (which has more straight pieces than the "standard" Sport Circuit 1 oval) is a basic oval set.
T2 Le Mans set is an upgrade from the T1 Indy in a sorta Watkins Glen/Lime Rock layout. This is not the same layout as the "Le Mans 24" sets.
C8245 Track Extension Pack has straights and turns to upgrade T1 layout to T2.
T3 Trans Am and T3 USA Classics sets are the same shape as the T2 circuit, but use only Radius 3 (outer) turns. The only significant relationship between the T3 layout and any other Scalextric Sport layout is that T3 can be combined with other sets to build a four-lane layout. T3 is designed to combine exactly with the T2 set as a kit for a four-lane track. T3 can be combined with any other Scalextric Sport set to make at least a four-lane oval. T3 is the only Scalextric Sport set with Radius 3 turns.

Otherwise, there are the following Scalextric Sport set layouts. These circuits may have different special features, such as lap counters, turn aprons, crossovers, and chicane sections. All of these layouts use only Radius 2 (standard) turns:

Bash'n'Crash 1 is a figure-8 with an intersection.
Circuit 1 is a basic oval.
Circuit 2 is a basic figure-8 with an overpass.
Circuit 3 is a figure-8 with longer straights and an overpass.
Circuit 4 is a long circuit with an overpass and many turns.

You can upgrade from Circuit 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 4 by adding Track Expansion Packs:

C8242 Track Expansion Pack A has straights and turns to upgrade Circuit 1 to Circuit 2.
C8243 Track Expansion Pack B has straights to upgrade Circuit 2 to Circuit 3.
C8244 Track Expansion Pack C has straights and turns to upgrade Circuit 3 to Circuit 4. You can also add this pack to Circuit 2 without Track Expansion Pack B to assemble a version of Circuit 4 with shorter straights.

Of course, you aren't limited to one of the suggested set layouts. You can rearrange and combine set pieces and individually purchased pieces to assemble other layouts.

Scalextric Sport track can make two-lane, four-lane, six-lane, and eight-lane tracks. Sport turns are available in four concentric radii; you can use any combination of adjacent radii in your layout. The standard power/control terminal track is designed to move the controller and power connections to the outside of the circuit, regardless of the lanes they control.

Scalextric RMS (Race Management System) is a program and special track section for timing, lap counting, and track design on your Windows PC. C8143 Race Management System is the basic package for two-lane racing. You can upgrade RMS for four-lane or six-lane racing by adding one or two C8147 Race Management System - Multi Lane two-lane lap counter tracks.
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Old 11-13-2005, 03:52 AM
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Default Sport track parts by letter

Track Code	Product Code	Product Description
A		C8217		Power Base
B		C8205		Standard Straight 350mm (2 pieces)
C		C8206		R2 Standard Curve 45 ° (2 pieces)
CB		C8296		R2 10 ° Banked Curve 45 ° (2 pieces)
D		C8207		Half Straight 175mm (2 pieces)
E		C8203		R2 Racing Curve Crossover 90 ° (2 pieces)
F		C8200		Quarter Straight 87mm (2 pieces)
G/H		C8246		Side Swipe Straights (2 pieces)
J		C8201		R1 Hairpin Curve 90 ° (2 pieces)
K		C8202		R1 Inner Curve 45 ° (2 pieces)
L/M		C8211		Leap Straight Ramp up + Ramp down
N		C8204		R3 Outer Curve 22.5 ° (2 pieces)
NNB		C8297		R3 10 ° Banked Curve 45 ° (2 pieces)
P		C8210		Straight Crossover 90 °
R		C8222		Classic to Sport Track Conversion 175mm (2)
S		C8235		R4 Outer Curve 22.5 ° (2 pieces)
T		C8236		Short Straight 78mm (2 pieces)
U		C8234		R2 Standard Curve 22.5 ° (2 pieces)
V		C8278		R1 Inner Curve 22.5 ° (2 pieces)
W		C8295		Elevated Crossover 90 ° or 180 ° 233mm
X		C7007/C7010	Lane Change Curves Radius 2 90 °
Y		C7008/C7009	Lane Change Curves Radius 2 90 °
Z1				Lane Change Sensor Half Straight 175mm
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